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As a mother myself, I know how the parts of life we value the most seem to fly by in an instant.  Photography has a magic power to freeze a moment in time, capturing love and emotion that will be felt for years to come.  


My reason why, my inspiration, my muse


I have not always been a photographer but I have always loved photography.  I remember the excitement I used to get when I got my photos back from a night out with friends, photos taken on a disposable camera.  Now my camera roll is full of my children (and dog) and I'm forever looking back through the years.

I love how photographs connect you to a moment and how an image can create feelings and emotion.   Being creative is in my soul and when you bring capturing happy memories and art together it makes me very happy.

Before photography, I spent 17 years working in childcare, where I gained a degree in childcare and development.  I then went on to managing a nursery for 13 years.  I am fascinated by these little people, how they develop and learn from the environment around them, I love watching them grow into their own unique person, discovering who they are as they explore the world in wonder.

I had my third child in 2019 who underwent emergency heart surgery at 10 days old.  During our time in hospital we received our in home newborn photos, these filled me with so much love and joy and continue to do so every time I look at them, hung around my home.  It was in this moment I knew I wanted to explore giving that same love and joy to others.


Every family is unique and I aim to honour and celebrate that, capturing authentic moments of you and your family, creating magic and creating images that will make you still 'feel' in years to come.

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